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Wish List

This is a page of stuff I want. It doesn’t include the link to the Amazon wish list but enables me to put loads of non-Amazon goodies in a place where strange people who actually want to buy me things can find them.

Palm Zire 31

I recently bought a Palm Zire 31 PDA (with GPS option for the car) which was a bargain from Makro at £149.99 (I’ll look back on this in a few years and laugh).

Having played with this for a bit, it’s now left in the car as a dedicated GPS unit. I think I left Su Doku on it in case I get bored in the car waiting to collect the kids etc.

Palm Tungsten C

I’m also lucky enough to have my late father-in-law’s Palm Tungsten C which is an order of magnitude better than the Zire 31.

I’ve got quite a few applications including a media player (cool video) and Su Doku for those idle moments.

I’m still reviewing what else I need – the Tungsten has built in Wi-Fi so that’s one accessory that’s not necessary. It doesn’t have Bluetooth though and that’s the only way to use my mobile phone to get online so that’s something I probably need.

13th November 2006: We have an increasingly large collection of remotes in the house and Maddie usually manages to misplace one or two on any given day. I spotted this and it’s definitely on the wish list: Novii remote for Palm.