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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Who's panicking

Well well well, how time flies……..NOT!!!!!!

2 weeks 4 days to. Had to go to the physio yesterday. Am practically disabled at the moment. My pubis is killing me which in layman terms means that every time I walk or move it feels like a chicken wishbone being snapped…. Lovely huh? I am now the proud owner of a Suspension belt. It’s basically a HUGE piece of elastic with Velcro designed to strap around your back and support your ‘bump’. My husband Tony modelled it for me first (of course). I suppose it’s a progression from the whipping the knickers off the dryer and slapping them on the head trick – why do blokes think this is funny? Anyway, he reckons it’s the ideal accessory for his beer gut (the suspension belt not the knickers!). Mind you for those of you who read my first blog will probably query if indeed a difference exists between my current knicker collection and the aforementioned belt.

Like all impending parents we are doing the usual stuff. Things like moving the entire kitchen downstairs, turning the existing kitchen into a nursery and moving the office upstairs into what will eventually become a bathroom. Oh yes, we’ve still to get a cot, car seat, clothes, nappies to organise. Tony has 17,000 websites to build by yesterday, I’m still teaching 5 Pilates classes a week, running two youth clubs, am juggling visits to my terminally ill father and housebound mother and oh yes, I have a wedding cake to bake and decorate by next Thursday. What is it they say about this stage in pregnancy…? Keeping your feet up and relaxing. Does the phrase ‘away and sh**te’ mean anything to anybody? Our existing three kids are still the same. You know, the usual, dropping everything at their feet, being ferried about from activity to friends houses/parties etc. Expecting clean laundry and regular meals, all dutifully delivered. I have now managed to reduce the work by at least one task. This has been the putting away of one’s clean laundry. For months I couldn’t figure out why William aged 10 always seemed to be wearing the same thing which did not match up with the amount of clothes of his I was washing but never appeared to be worn. Eventually the penny dropped. Instead of putting his clean laundry away, his solution was to simply stick it straight back into the laundry basket to save the inconvenience of opening drawers etc to put his freshly laundered clothes away. This has now STOPPED!. William can now be seen sporting a wonderful array of fashions on a rotational basis. Now if I could just sort out the rest of those niggling little issues we appear to be having …….

Husband has just reappeared complete with two pizzas. I do love that man. Hot food delivered straight to your gob when you have no kitchen is such a treat. To think of the times he tried to woo me with chocolates and flowers when all he had to do was to simply rip out my kitchen and chuck the odd Pierino Hawaiin in my general direction. He cut my toenails for me the other night too. I think he was fed up with being lacerated by my talon clad feet during the night so reckoned a pruning session was in order. I’ve not seen my feet for months so can genuinely plead ignorance with regards to malice aforethought in this instance.

My husband has now come to bed and is now in deep dialogue with Telewest re our Breadbin connection or something. All I know is that Desperate Houswives has been interrupted which is the only reason he isn't getting incredible grief for speaking to another woman whilst in bed with me. Desperate Houswives is now back on so I am going to log off now.

Mother Ship signing off...........................


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