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“Come on, get to sleep now, you’ve got school in the morning and it’s very late”. Maddie is offering her usual resistance to the bed time routine. A movement catches my eye. I turn towards the door and there is Guy, trying to sneak in so he can sleep in the girls room. He stands […]

12 Month Cycle

Yesterday marked 1 year since I dusted down the bike and started cycling to work. I didn’t manage to commute on the bike for all 12 months; for 11 weeks at the start of the year it was too icy.

The statistics are:

Total Workout Days: 197 Distance Travelled: 3,371.73 mi. Total Maps: 87 Total […]

2000 Miles

Last Thursday saw the passing of the 2000 mile mark since I started cycling to work in April. It would have been good to have been out on a nice ride but the event passed quietly somewhere along the North Edinburgh Cycle Path on the way to the office.

Instead, I clocked up a few […]

100 Days

Today is the 100th day of cycling since I dusted down my bike and started riding to work. Here are my stats from my profile on where I’ve faithfully logged every ride:

Total Workout Days: 100 Distance Traveled: 1,676.09 mi. Total Maps: 48 Total Workouts: 202 Total Burned: 61,272 (kcal) Petrol Saved: 48 gallons […]

Back on the DIY

OK, time to resurrect this blog! It’s going to get a new title and a redesign to use a lot more WordPress plugins and widgets. I want to use WordPress for a number of upcoming projects and I need to get up to speed with it so this is the place.

Alice is one week […]

Sore finger

Maddie came over to show me her sore finger and couldn’t work out why Alice and I were rolling about laughing!

BBC NEWS | Scotland | Man fined for taking photograph

BBC NEWS | Scotland | Man fined for taking photograph

Being the world’s greatest cynic nothing much surprises me any more but I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing when I read this. Can you imagine what it actually cost in police and court time to prosecute this man? For taking a photograph!

If […]

Middle Age

I’m not sure whether to be pleased or depressed.

It’s car insurance renewal time so I just and got a quote from Admiralty for a touch over £200 for our Nissan Micra. That’s fully comp, no claims protection, Louise & me driving, courtesy car, windscreen cover and £150 excess. For £200.

I was pleased, […]