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This coming week sees the culmination of another huge drain on my time, once again for no financial recompense. Leith FM and Leith Festival. I really hestitate to add up the time these two ventures take up, and why? They are both thankless tasks without appreciation for the efforts given. The results are taken for […]


On Friday Louise and I got a rare night out, sans enfants, courtesy of my ex and Holly & William’s mother, Clare, who kindly invited Alice to stay at her house for the night.

We went for a meal at The Smokestack (Leith branch) with Frank’n’Steph. I had the burger with spicy red onion, […]

Rising star

Much excitement in the household tonight as our youngest, Alice (age 6) prepares for her big day tomorrow. She’s bunking off school (the first day back too) and making her TV debut in an ad for a ferry company in Aberdeen.

Some of you may have read about her more regular method of making […]

Tide of change?

The most expensive bathroom shop in Leith has gone bust.  You know the one, by the Scottish Office with that teak bath in the window.  And the kitchen shop just along the block. David James.

Fascinating to see that even liquidation sales have now gone high-tech.  You can tender for the whole lot online at  […]

Extortion or education?

I just took my six year old daughter, Alice, to bank her cash. Last week she bought herself a set of roller blades for £24.99.

She occasionally chums me to the local bars, namely the Compass, the Malt & Hops, Bar Java and the Port O’Leith, where she now announces herself as ‘Alice the […]