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2000 Miles

Last Thursday saw the passing of the 2000 mile mark since I started cycling to work in April. It would have been good to have been out on a nice ride but the event passed quietly somewhere along the North Edinburgh Cycle Path on the way to the office.

Instead, I clocked up a few […]

Cordon’s off

So, the ill-conceived Edinburgh congestion charge is not to be. The City of Edinburgh council has egg on its face. Eight million pounds worth of egg, to be precise. Our egg, wasted. Makes the hundreds of thousands spent on the rubbish dump fiasco seem insignificant.

I voted NO. I’ve read a lot of opinion […]

By appointment

I know it’s a bit late now, but I must mention the official opening of the brand spanking new and very, very expensive Scottish Parliament building at Holyrood which took place a few Saturdays ago.

Alice had been badgering me all week to take her to see the queen and I have to admit […]