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2000 Miles

Last Thursday saw the passing of the 2000 mile mark since I started cycling to work in April. It would have been good to have been out on a nice ride but the event passed quietly somewhere along the North Edinburgh Cycle Path on the way to the office.

Instead, I clocked up a few […]

TV stars

Alice and I have been on TV daily since 17th January, starring in the Northlink Ferries ad which was made back in August. You did spot us, didn’t you? Yes, that’s me crossing the background in the reception scene (50 milliseconds) and Alice in the bunk in the cabin scene (0.5 seconds).

I mention […]

By appointment

I know it’s a bit late now, but I must mention the official opening of the brand spanking new and very, very expensive Scottish Parliament building at Holyrood which took place a few Saturdays ago.

Alice had been badgering me all week to take her to see the queen and I have to admit […]

It’s a wrap

It was actually a little embarrassing arriving at security and announcing “our daughter’s here to make a TV ad“. I said it a bit apologetically I suppose, not because I’m not proud of her of course, but for fear of being judged. And we’re not pushy parents, really we’re not. Plus we’d kept her […]

Rising star

Much excitement in the household tonight as our youngest, Alice (age 6) prepares for her big day tomorrow. She’s bunking off school (the first day back too) and making her TV debut in an ad for a ferry company in Aberdeen.

Some of you may have read about her more regular method of making […]

Extortion or education?

I just took my six year old daughter, Alice, to bank her cash. Last week she bought herself a set of roller blades for £24.99.

She occasionally chums me to the local bars, namely the Compass, the Malt & Hops, Bar Java and the Port O’Leith, where she now announces herself as ‘Alice the […]