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Have a heart

Louise was in Dunfermline on Thursday to attend a Red Cross first aid course. She has to renew this every three years as it’s compulsory to have a first aider’s qualification to work as a fitness instructor.

Eh, excuse me. That’s fitness instructor, as in taking classes for people living a ‘healthier lifestyle’. And […]

Testing time

I guess we’re over the main hurdle. It was a bit like watching the ball bouncing around in a spinning roulette wheel for the first 48 hours, not wanting that ball to land on the wrong number. But, touch wood, there has been no physical reaction to the test and we just had the […]

Cooking with gas

We just had a gas meter fitted. Nothing astounding about that I suppose, but for us it’s a big step after 8 years. You need a gas meter to run a gas boiler, and you need a gas boiler for CENTRAL HEATING! I just can’t stress how many Brownie points this is going to […]

The big four-oh

After our little foray into the world of TV advertising last week, attention turned to this year’s big event: Louise’s 40th birthday party on Saturday. This was to be a Wild West extravaganza with line dancing cowboys, cowgirls, saloon girls, bandits and injuns. Yee Hah !

We couldn’t start preparations until Saturday itself. For […]