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Tide of change?

The most expensive bathroom shop in Leith has gone bust.  You know the one, by the Scottish Office with that teak bath in the window.  And the kitchen shop just along the block. David James.

Fascinating to see that even liquidation sales have now gone high-tech.  You can tender for the whole lot online at  […]

Extortion or education?

I just took my six year old daughter, Alice, to bank her cash. Last week she bought herself a set of roller blades for £24.99.

She occasionally chums me to the local bars, namely the Compass, the Malt & Hops, Bar Java and the Port O’Leith, where she now announces herself as ‘Alice the […]

Fasten your safety belts

Why have I called this blog “No, Luton Airport”?

Most of you will be too young to remember, but there was once (1976 actually) an ad on TV starring(?!) Lorraine Chase for Campari. When asked by an upper-crust smoothie “Were you truly wafted here from paradise?“, she replied (in her best Estuary accent) “No, Luton […]