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What’s in a name?

A few references to names were made last week. One evening in The Port there was a brief chat about an unusual spelling of a name, about the same time Diamond Geezer wrote about the Government’s statistics for names and Louise came home with a new book: ‘40,001 Best Baby Names’. Incidentaly, was it […]

Cooking with gas

We just had a gas meter fitted. Nothing astounding about that I suppose, but for us it’s a big step after 8 years. You need a gas meter to run a gas boiler, and you need a gas boiler for CENTRAL HEATING! I just can’t stress how many Brownie points this is going to […]

Viva España!

Looks like it’s time to brush up on my Spanish again after friends Emily and Andy confirmed last week that we can stay in their new apartment in October. A quick morning’s activity on the internet and we had flights booked courtesy of a whole load of Air Miles I’ve had tucked away, car hire […]

Middle years

I slipped quietly into middle age on Tuesday as my 45th came and went. Well 45 is the start of the “middle years”, isn’t it? I did a quick Google and discovered that the US Census Bureau defines middle age as 45 to 64. So it’s official. Unless you believe the definition of middle […]