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Have a heart

Louise was in Dunfermline on Thursday to attend a Red Cross first aid course. She has to renew this every three years as it’s compulsory to have a first aider’s qualification to work as a fitness instructor.

Eh, excuse me. That’s fitness instructor, as in taking classes for people living a ‘healthier lifestyle’. And […]

Spaced out

Tuesday night I was doing the usual flick through the eight hundred channels of cable crap which Teleworst deliver to us, when I spotted a documentary on BBC4: “British Space Race”. For years my late uncle worked for Hawker Sidley, later British Aerospace, eventually becoming Senior Space Designer, so I decided to see what […]


On Friday Louise and I got a rare night out, sans enfants, courtesy of my ex and Holly & William’s mother, Clare, who kindly invited Alice to stay at her house for the night.

We went for a meal at The Smokestack (Leith branch) with Frank’n’Steph. I had the burger with spicy red onion, […]

An Englishman’s home

Life is never uneventful in this house. The last seven days have included a visit from my pal Angie, a trip to a storybook castle in deepest Aberdeenshire, a Japanese party and a burglary. Oh, and the Inland Revenue are about to sequestrate me. I’m not sure what that is, I just hope they […]