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Hacked off

How was your Christmas? Hope you had a good time.

Me, I’ve been at war since Boxing Day. And I’m not talking Playstation game, this is real life electronic warfare against an enemy I can’t even see. If you thought hosting websites was an easy business, think again.

One of my servers was hacked […]

Broadband aid

Wahey! This is surfin’ dude.

For months my ‘high-speed’ internet connection has been slowly grinding to a halt, the internet equivalent of the M25. The cable TV has also been getting temperamental, refusing to give out programme information or let me book movies on Front Row. Those of you who are Telewest customers will […]

Money, money, money

We received two cheques yesterday so there’s no need to send us food parcels after all. Unfortunately, the plastic tree has also arrived, although it has yet to be removed from its box and assembled. This will no doubt happen at the weekend when the house is brimming with children desperate to practice their […]

Fake fir

Far too busy to write anything much here at the moment: Leith FM is back on air until 24th December (and I’m supposed to be station manager), the pile of paperwork I’ve been trying to clear for 3 years isn’t shifting, we’ve a half-demolished flat to finish renovating and Louise’s bump looms large on […]