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TV stars

Alice and I have been on TV daily since 17th January, starring in the Northlink Ferries ad which was made back in August. You did spot us, didn’t you? Yes, that’s me crossing the background in the reception scene (50 milliseconds) and Alice in the bunk in the cabin scene (0.5 seconds).

I mention […]

Karaoke king

Louise has never been slow to launch herself into karaoke with unbridled enthusiasm whenever the opportunity has arisen. She has even been known to win prizes, although I’m fairly certain that this was merely a device to cut short her participation in the event, before the bar emptied completely.

I have a more reserved […]

Changing rooms

I’ve decided to make another room in our mansion habitable as it just occurred to me that we need somewhere to put the new baby. That will leave just 3 derelict rooms to renovate.

The process starts with the renovation of a vacant boxroom upstairs, earmarked for future use as the bathroom, which will […]

Sick as a parrot

Of course, one advantage of Louise starting a blog is that I may be able to engineer one or two extra minutes to update mine occassionaly without living in fear of being yelled at. If she’s got the time to update hers then I’ve got time to update mine.

Incidentally, I didn’t mention that […]

Go go gadget

What a busy month (where’s it gone!), mainly sorting out the server problems, but I’m pleased to report that everything is ticking over nicely again (famous last words!). By the way, we did get a real tree in the end thanks to Frank’n’Steph who bought me a prize specimen 8 footer for Christmas. All […]