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Four for a boy

Today I am a plumber. I have to connect water pipes to the new kitchen and finish the waste connection for the sink. That should enable me to finish stripping the baby’s room ready for a new floor and replastering at the weekend. I’ll only be the plasterer’s mate though, as plastering is very […]

Blind rage

Ok, I’ve got a sick sense of humour. I admit it.

I just read this about a blind man in Edinburgh who allegedly bit his guide dog. And boy, is he in trouble. But, aren’t we just jumping to conclusions here? I mean, he is blind, how do we know he just didn’t make […]

Cordon’s off

So, the ill-conceived Edinburgh congestion charge is not to be. The City of Edinburgh council has egg on its face. Eight million pounds worth of egg, to be precise. Our egg, wasted. Makes the hundreds of thousands spent on the rubbish dump fiasco seem insignificant.

I voted NO. I’ve read a lot of opinion […]

As I walked out one midwinter morning

Walking down the corner shop on this crisp, sunny morning to buy some bread for my bacon sandwich I was reminded of a trip to Norway many years ago. It must have been the cold, dry air and the low sunlight but, just for a second, I was back strolling beside the Strandkaien in […]

Many hands

I am sitting down here in my office listening to the sound of Dyson upstairs. I realise that leaving an eight-month pregnant woman to do the cleaning may seem a little unfair, however I simply cannot risk further serious injury with so much ‘man’s work’ still to be done. Yes, the finger is much […]


I am injured. Not seriously, but my pride is dented and my finger is a bit squished.

I have been working on the house for the last couple of weeks using a variety of deadly tools such as hand saws, chisels and powered rip saws, some of which could remove limbs faster than Louise […]