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Beginning of the end

While the focus of media attention is firmly on the G8 here in Edinburgh, another historic event is taking place behind the security fences and police cordons. Today is the day that MSPs in the new Scottish Parliament are voting to ban smoking in public places in Scotland.

I’m aware this has been blogged to […]

Can of worms

Welcome to anyone dropping in from Diamond Geezer, especially as you must have clicked your way though all those links from A to N before choosing to come here. Or maybe you were just looking to book some tickets with EasyJet.

DG must be the most productive blogger on the planet. Are we expected to […]

School days

I don’t think it can have been a very difficult decision for my parents. At the age of about 18 months, we moved to a new housing estate in the suburbs of Luton which had a newly built infant school (ages 5 to 7) about a quarter of a mile away. There was one primary […]

Maddie aged 6 weeks

Here’s a picture of Maddie from about 2 months ago when she was 6 weeks old. Yes, she is burdened with her father’s hairstyle.

I know this is a bit out of date but I’m just setting up Flickr and the automatic blogging thingy. If all works well this should publish straight from Flickr…


Sun, sea and barbie

Scotland has some beautiful beaches, a few of which are only a stone’s throw from home, but it rarely has the weather to enjoy them, Sunday being no exception.

We were invitied on a day trip to Yellowcraigs, a lovely sandy beach about 20 miles away, by trusty neighbours Frank’n’Steph. In keeping with the cosmopolitan […]

Grand finale

Tonight was the ‘Encore, encore!’ of Leith Festival and what a night!

9pm, Docker’s Club, Irvine Welsh read from his new novel (a world exclusive) and it was superb. I guarantee this book will be a hit. The man is as humble as they come and obviously enjoyed the return to his roots (he used […]

Festival city

Well, that’s the Leith Festival past the half way point – just the remainder of today, Friday and Saturday to go. Plus the Junction Bridge concert and Irvine Welsh on Sunday.

It’s all been a bit varied this year, some events have been very well attended but there seems to be quite a bit of […]


This coming week sees the culmination of another huge drain on my time, once again for no financial recompense. Leith FM and Leith Festival. I really hestitate to add up the time these two ventures take up, and why? They are both thankless tasks without appreciation for the efforts given. The results are taken for […]