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I was born in Luton, known for hat making, Vauxhall cars, London Luton Airport and a great football team who once beat Arsenal at Wembley in a Cup Final, currently languishing in non-league football for the 4th season. I moved to Edinburgh in 1990 and now live in Leith, Edinburgh's 'waterfront'.

Married for 24 years to Louise (who is on day release from Fife), I have 4 children: Holly (aged 28) who's studying medicine at Dundee University, William (aged 26) at the Army Foundation College, Harrogate, Alice (aged 23) and Maddie (aged 16).

We live in a 226 year old Georgian house which we are slowly renovating. We once had a note from an artist posted through the letterbox asking if our semi-derelict house was available to rent as studio space. Things have improved lately; the stonework has been repaired and we have shiny new railings. Just the inside to do now then.

Current CNPS score: 999

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    Film Premiere

    Back in May I mentioned that our house was being used in a short film. Well, finally, tonight is the premiere at the Cameo and we’re invited!

    It’s only a 15 minute short based on a true story but nonetheless it’s a professional production. Incidentally, as well as using our front door, they also filmed in the pend across the road, the same pend which was used in Jude. I wonder if our front door made the cut.

    There’s a trailer which you can see on YouTube here.

    Update: We did make the cut: our front door was in the opening minute of the film! And we appeared in the credits! The film was excellent and very moving. Poor Alice was reduced to tears, but she recovered at the party afterwards mixing it with the actors.

    Fat Boy Slim

    Weight Loss

    Almost there!

    After nearly 3 months I’ve managed to shed over 2 and a half stones (38 lbs). The strange thing is that hardly anyone has actually noticed, so I don’t know where I was carrying those extra pounds. The key for me was using Fitday.com and logging down every single item I eat. And I mean everything. Not even a nibble or a sip of anything gets past my lips without being catalogued. I log it down straight away so that I can always see how many calories I’ve got left in any given day. That way I can make an instant decision about whether I can eat something without going over the daily allowance.

    I haven’t been doing any more exercise I’m ashamed to say; that will get corrected in the new year. But I do feel a lot fitter. I was reaching the point where it was difficult to put my socks on in the morning or tie my shoelaces without getting a bit breathless. Last Sunday we visited a friend in the Borders and went for a bit of a hike in the woods. I took Maddie in the back pack carrier thingy and it occurred to me half way round that with her on my back I was about the weight of 3 months ago. Quite startling.

    If anyone is reading this, I need new clothes for Christmas. Everything is way too big now. The belt has tightened by 3 holes, or about 3 inches.