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My work mainly involves putting together dynamic (database driven) websites, based around code which I have been developing. When it came to blogging, I decided to go down the Blogger route initially rather than adapting my own software, just because it was there and didn’t involve me in any work.

However, I decided it was now time to move on to something better. I looked at the various packages available and reassesed the work involved in adapting my own software and I decided that WordPress is hard to beat. It’s simplicity itself to set up, it’s easy to get at the code and hack it, there are bags of plug-ins which are a doddle to install and I’m not reliant on Blogger. I even managed to import everything from Blogger and from my own comments system in no time at all.

I know it doesn’t look much different but that’s the next step. And I may even write something in it occassionaly.

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2 comments to WordPress

  • WordPress is, to use the venacular, the dogs b*ll*cks. Well I think so anyway.

  • The only thing which I think it lacks (comparing features to my own content management system) is the ability to add images as part of a post. I know you can upload images and add tags in the post, but it is much easier when images are treated as a distinct element of the post.

    Maybe there’s a great plug-in which I haven’t discovered yet 🙂