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This coming week sees the culmination of another huge drain on my time, once again for no financial recompense. Leith FM and Leith Festival. I really hestitate to add up the time these two ventures take up, and why? They are both thankless tasks without appreciation for the efforts given. The results are taken for granted, errors criticised, peformance questioned. The focus is always on what hasn’t been achieved rather than what has. And, the reality is, I don’t really have any free time to give to either venture, I have to steal it from other tasks which are much more important from a family perspective. It is a constant cause of friction between Louise and I.

In the last two months I have burnt the midnight oil on the Leith Festival programme (several all-nighters), organised the Leith FM finances and licences for the current broadcast and worked on the websites for both ventures. All in the name of ‘community’. I’ve thought long and hard about why I do this and I just can’t come up with an answer. It’s certainly not for attention or recognition (most people wouldn’t even know what I do), it’s most certainly not for financial gain (more like drain) so it must just be for the feel good factor of doing something for the community in which I live. The more I think about it, the more bizarre it is. I must have inherited it from my mother, she’s very similar.

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8 comments to Community

  • chav gav

    I’d just like to say a huge thank you for all the time and effort you, and many others, have given to make the festival a success.
    I’m loving Leith FM and have earmarked loads of events in the official programme that I want to see.
    I think it’s a case of ‘enjoyed by all, appreciated by few’ as most people love the festival but take it for granted and never pause to consider the hard work and sacrifices the organisers have made.
    You put us Lazy Leither’s to shame, and you’re an ‘ootsider’ as well. 🙂
    Thanks again Tony.

  • What a lovely letter from chav gav. What lovely men you both are. One known for twenty years, one for only two.

    Part of the reason for your efforts might well be the end result, which is you becoming “da man”. It’s there, around the place, even if you yourself don’t know it. This isn’t to deny your altruism, as the two aren’t mutually exclusive. (In the same way as Mary’s huge works for Leith might sell the odd extra drink or two – but this doesn’t negate her genuine social endeavour.)

    Maybe it’s time to step back partly or fully. I overheard in the Village a month ago that, “Henry (Tambach) could be the new Tony.” “What does the old Tony think about that?” I rejoindered. But that or others could be a way to go. And you were always first.

  • >Nip over there and give him a voluntary hug.


    know how you feel mate. but as to your self-question “why?”, i suggest you read the first para of your previous post 😉

  • it occurs to me you should consider more explicitly establishing the value of your efforts in the minds of those you’re working with. not necessarily cash, in case they can’t afford it (you know better than we what each “client” can bear). but at the very least say: “fine. but i can no longer justify this level of unilateral input without some quid pro quo. i’ll want to be explicitly credited on each flyer, poster, and station ident or major programme intro, with an explicit reference to my business. e.g. opening the slot with ‘LeitherFM News depends upon the efforts of [YourBusinessName], provided free of charge. Please google them for all [whatever] services in the Edinbra area.’ “

  • people like you tony are what keeps the world going…there would be little meaning in life if everything we did was for profit only…eventually the works would all break down because greed is not a good motive for making life better…and people like you do make life better…even for those who fill your ears with complaints…the real winner in the end will be your soul…because at the end of your days you will go away knowing that your life had meaning and purpose…and the world was a little bit better off because you lived.

  • What Saltation said. You posted about perfectionism – make it work for you by knowing when it needs to be perfect (ie, when you get credit for it), and when it doesn’t (when you don’t!).

    Best of luck with whatever you decide.

  • Thanks for all your comments – I think I’m just worn out with it all at the moment. All the sleepless nights have taken more of a toll than I realised, what with a new born baby and all.

    The radio seems to be generally going pretty well despite all the usual ‘human’ dramas and I’ve heard a few good comments about the festival. I’ll still be there next year…

  • hey ill help if you like? I didn’t pick my blog title for nothing you know! I do have a day job and a night job but i have weekends.