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The big four-oh

After our little foray into the world of TV advertising last week, attention turned to this year’s big event: Louise’s 40th birthday party on Saturday. This was to be a Wild West extravaganza with line dancing cowboys, cowgirls, saloon girls, bandits and injuns. Yee Hah !

We couldn’t start preparations until Saturday itself. For those who don’t know, Louise has two occupations: cake designer (to put it on) and fitness instructor (to work it off). Last week the ‘putting it on’ business was booming, with a large corporate cake comprising 3 tiers and 20 sugar paste characters in industrial clothing (don’t ask) to deliver on Thursday, and 250 logo’d fairy cakes for a stylish retail chain on Friday. Let them eat cake.

So, come Saturday, it was all hands on deck to turn out a buffet for 100 people and complete costumes by eight o’clock. Big thanks go to Frank (Mexican bandit) for helping set up the venue and to my mum (madam) and Morven (saloon girl) for helping with the food. A whip-cracking time was had by all: isn’t it great when people really make an effort to dress up for a party.

We got cleared up by 2am so off to the Port O’Leith Bar and then Bar Java (3am licences for the festival, handy eh?). And to cap it all, this cowboy went home with a saloon girl. A bit like the night I first met her, actually.

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