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Rising star

Much excitement in the household tonight as our youngest, Alice (age 6) prepares for her big day tomorrow. She’s bunking off school (the first day back too) and making her TV debut in an ad for a ferry company in Aberdeen.

Some of you may have read about her more regular method of making money. As this latest venture pays the equivalent of about 1500 swearwords, I think she’ll be making a permanent career change.

Her first scene is in the ferry bar at 10.00am as part of “couple A/family”. We need to arrive a bit early so she can familiarise herself with her new parents and brother. I just hope she doesn’t keep trying to extort money every time she hears a swearword.

It’s also my wife Louise’s 40th birthday tomorrow, so all in all a very busy day in store. Must dash, I want to pop out for a late drink and a bit of Slaterwatch: Christian Slater is appearing in a play in Edinburgh and living in Leith for the duration. I know Louise and the kids would love his autograph. Well, Louise definitely would. I might even buy him a Campari.

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