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Testing time

I guess we’re over the main hurdle. It was a bit like watching the ball bouncing around in a spinning roulette wheel for the first 48 hours, not wanting that ball to land on the wrong number. But, touch wood, there has been no physical reaction to the test and we just had the important phone call: the initial tests (Down syndrome, Edwards’ syndrome & Patau’s syndrome) are all negative. There’s still a follow up phone call next week which will give us additional results for muscular dystrophy, haemophilia, cystic fibrosis, spina bifida and other genetic disorders as well, but it was Down syndrome which was the highest risk.

Back to Tuesday. I could sense Louise getting a bit edgy on the way to the hospital. The nausea she’s had for the last couple of months was returning as I wound my way along the backroads to the new Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. I’m on a death sentence if I take the same route in 5 months time when she’s in labour. We didn’t have long to wait by NHS standards: just a mere 20 minutes past the appointment time and we were shown through to one of the consulting rooms, Louise clutching a banana which wouldn’t fit in the miniscule handbag she’d chosen. The cravings seem to have moved from soup to bananas recently.

The test itself wasn’t without incident. I have to admit I didn’t watch, only on the scanner. I’ve logged a few hours in delivery rooms in my time and even had a damn good look inside when Louise had a caesarian for the delivery of Alice, but the thought of a 3 inch long needle being stuck straight into her belly was a no-go. A few seconds and it was all over: just a blood sample to take and an injection for Rhesus negative antibodies or something. In went the second needle and out went Louise. Like a light. When she came round she was on the floor with her head on a pillow looking up at us, still clutching the banana. I had to admire the midwife’s forthright approach as she then rolled Louise into the recovery position and jabbed the third needle into her backside. Next appointment waiting outside I suppose.

Unfortunately, because of the falling down nature of passing out, the blood test needle had been tugged out of her arm and Louise bled all over her top. We drew some anxious glances from the other expectant mothers in the waiting room as I helped her out to the car. The journey home, by the less winding route of course, was briefly interrupted while she threw up out of the car door into the bus lane. Back at the house I tucked her into bed with a cup of tea where she stayed for the next 24 hours.

Congratulations to my good friend Peter who this afternoon won the much coveted Scottish Bingo Caller of the Year competition in East Kilbride. He even managed to get interviewed on Scottish TV at 6.00pm this evening – just like the MTV awards. The only problem is that this could all lead to a grand final in Las Vegas and Peter resolutely refuses to fly in them there new-fangled flying machines. Answers to his dilema on a post card to Naked Blog.

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6 comments to Testing time

  • Chav Gav

    Thanks for the update Tony, I’ve wanted to ask since Tuesday but didn’t want to possibly put my foot in it. Chuffed you’re all ok.

    So far so good, and hoping the rest goes as well, if not better, for you all.

    Any development on names yet or is it still too early (AM)?

    I like Blogmella for a girl or Looton for a boy.

  • How can we elevate Chav Gav out of the comment boxes, and back on to the front pages where he belongs?

    Every good wish on those fine results, especially to the unborn one.

  • Hey it just occurred to me: Louise + Tony, Lou-ton.

    Must admit, I was subjected to “choose that name” again first thing this morning and I felt a lot happier about taking part. Why do women always home in on ridiculous names though? And whatever happened to nookie first thing in the morning….

  • zed

    good luck with the tests – and talk about fainting in style – class!

  • On another topic altogether, Bloglines isn’t reading your feed correctly, and comes up with a Technorati search instead.

  • Bloglines is very tempremental when looking for feeds. If you use ‘add’ and put in the feed URL (as opposed to the blog URL), in this case, it works OK.