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“Come on, get to sleep now, you’ve got school in the morning and it’s very late”. Maddie is offering her usual resistance to the bed time routine. A movement catches my eye. I turn towards the door and there is Guy, trying to sneak in so he can sleep in the girls room. He stands […]

2000 Miles

Last Thursday saw the passing of the 2000 mile mark since I started cycling to work in April. It would have been good to have been out on a nice ride but the event passed quietly somewhere along the North Edinburgh Cycle Path on the way to the office.

Instead, I clocked up a few […]

In-flight Entertainment

I’ve jumped on the ‘You Tube’ bandwagon and uploaded some of our family videos. I’ve embedded one in this post as a test and started a new category of links in the left hand sidebar called ‘In-Flight Movies’ which links to the individual movies.


6 months later

6 months have flown by.

My father-in-law, Bill, passed away on 22nd November, so Louise and her mother faced a difficult Christmas. Louise misses him like mad of course. As does Alice. But, inevitably, life moves on.

I’m now working full-time (as in PAYE, not on a contract). The company I was contracting for made […]

Make poverty history

Here we are, almost a month on from the great march against poverty, and it simply hasn’t worked. We are still broke. In fact we are worse than broke: we have more debt than a small African nation. I have finally conceded that we are never going to win the lottery so the inevitable has […]

Eat the rich

It was lovely weather for a family stroll in the park today, although a little crowded when we got there.

Of all the thousands of placards, this one had to be our favourite. Surely there’s a law against incitement to cannibalism?

Maddie didn’t wear the official “Make Poverty History” white, but I still think she […]

School days

I don’t think it can have been a very difficult decision for my parents. At the age of about 18 months, we moved to a new housing estate in the suburbs of Luton which had a newly built infant school (ages 5 to 7) about a quarter of a mile away. There was one primary […]

Sun, sea and barbie

Scotland has some beautiful beaches, a few of which are only a stone’s throw from home, but it rarely has the weather to enjoy them, Sunday being no exception.

We were invitied on a day trip to Yellowcraigs, a lovely sandy beach about 20 miles away, by trusty neighbours Frank’n’Steph. In keeping with the cosmopolitan […]