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Sore finger

Maddie came over to show me her sore finger and couldn’t work out why Alice and I were rolling about laughing!


This is a latest pic of Maddie, taken on my mobile and uploaded to Flickr.

Alice in France

Frank and Steph kindly took Alice on holiday with them to France this summer. I’ve just uploaded all their photos to my Flickr account.

At least one of us got to go on holiday and get some sun!

Maddie update

It’s OK, I changed the dressing last night and it’s not that bad. I don’t think she’ll have a Harry Potter scar after all.

I bought a new digital camera yesterday (Pentax Optio S45) which was a bit of a bargain in Makro. It’s just a budget compact so I’m not expecting fantastic results but […]

Eat the rich

It was lovely weather for a family stroll in the park today, although a little crowded when we got there.

Of all the thousands of placards, this one had to be our favourite. Surely there’s a law against incitement to cannibalism?

Maddie didn’t wear the official “Make Poverty History” white, but I still think she […]

Maddie aged 6 weeks

Here’s a picture of Maddie from about 2 months ago when she was 6 weeks old. Yes, she is burdened with her father’s hairstyle.

I know this is a bit out of date but I’m just setting up Flickr and the automatic blogging thingy. If all works well this should publish straight from Flickr…