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Back on the DIY

OK, time to resurrect this blog! It’s going to get a new title and a redesign to use a lot more WordPress plugins and widgets. I want to use WordPress for a number of upcoming projects and I need to get up to speed with it so this is the place.

Alice is one week […]

Film Premiere

Back in May I mentioned that our house was being used in a short film. Well, finally, tonight is the premiere at the Cameo and we’re invited!

It’s only a 15 minute short based on a true story but nonetheless it’s a professional production. Incidentally, as well as using our front door, they also filmed […]

House Warming

Some time ago I wrote about the installation of our gas meter in preparation for the arrival of central heating. That was over 2 years ago and I have to admit that the meter hasn’t clocked up a single unit since then. On the upside, we’ve managed to avoid the recent hikes in gas prices; […]

Film Noir

We’re getting filmed on Monday!

Well, actually, the house is getting filmed. A small boy is going to walk up our steps, chap the door and walk into the house. In 1930. Or thereabouts. They chose our house because it’s the dirtiest, oldest looking building around which “hasn’t been done up yet“.

The last film […]

Make poverty history

Here we are, almost a month on from the great march against poverty, and it simply hasn’t worked. We are still broke. In fact we are worse than broke: we have more debt than a small African nation. I have finally conceded that we are never going to win the lottery so the inevitable has […]

Can of worms

Welcome to anyone dropping in from Diamond Geezer, especially as you must have clicked your way though all those links from A to N before choosing to come here. Or maybe you were just looking to book some tickets with EasyJet.

DG must be the most productive blogger on the planet. Are we expected to […]